How the Biggest Names and Brands Dominated Instagram

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Instagram is now under the banner of Facebook and the site is slowly adapting an advertising platform with its wide range of services and features from brand ads to personal photos of food, fashion, friends and bling. With over 200 million users, Instagram is now a social channel that’s hardest to ignore when it comes to brand launching and marketing. Thus, if you don’t want to purchase PPC traffic, you can certainly get unrestricted traffic in no time.


Business and Instagram – Is it a Good Combo?

Nowadays, people are turning to Instagram to promote their businesses and secure bulk traffic like no other. If you know how to maximize the features of this social channel, you are up for a huge treat in the virtual marketing arena. Advertisers are claiming success in their marketing campaigns in Instagram capitalizing on its millions of users and a wide market base that gives you the venue to connect with millions of people in a daily scale. The key to business success in Instagram is to know the social medium, each and every details and features and optimize your site with the help of its remarkable tools. After all, Instagram has been recently recognized as the best platform for brands giving the power to business owners and affiliate marketers to draw in followers and secure engagement to their content for better conversion.


Successful Brands in Instagram – How They Did It?

Here are some of the most famous names and brands in this ever growing and becoming popular social medium allowing the best free viable web traffic to your business:


  • Ben & Jerry’s – The ice cream brand turned to Instagram to test the waters in today’s more innovative social media industry. The company is widely known as a content marketing juggernaut with tons of affirmation and praises for its Instagram works. The account has strong followers however the rich contents of the brand showcasing the products in joyful, fun and hilarious images made it an instant hit resulting to legions of fans.
  • Toyota – The automobile mogul is turning a sharp and swift detour to the world of social media marketing through using Instagram to promote its latest models and cars. The Tundra 2014 for instance was released in the market with the help of a 15-seconds spot in Instagram through its video ads. The content showcased an intriguing style with stop motion features capturing the interest of millions of Instagram users and delivering web leads to their site.
  • Nike – The Nike brand is slowly gaining popularity in Instagram with its rich content and unique marketing style. The sports brand has a growing most-followed reputation on the platform with the strongest engagement rate. The success of Nike in Instagram is its remarkable work in making its account the perfect extension of a decades-long brand image that has been cultivated from one generation to the next. The account contains striking visuals with high quality content giving Nike fans a deeper and more profound connection with their favorite brand. Images in Instagram proved much stronger and more meaningful compared to print and TV ads.
  • Taco Bell – The cheeky campaigns of Taco Bell especially in featuring waffle tacos made it a surefire hit in Instagram. The brand utilizes the stop motion feature and added a little humor to introduce and launch its sweet waffle taco product.


With its capacity to attract and entice viewers and social media users all around the world, Instagram is the most practical and effective social channel to boost your business and make your brand known in a wider scale for better web traffic and guaranteed sales.






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