Low Cost May Equal Low Quality: Why Cheap Website Hits Is Not As Good As It Seems

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Are you considering ways to get cheap website hits to promote your brand? Is your advertising company endorsing your website with real results to back up its claims?

There are many deals available in the market which are too enticing to resist. They promise you can hit the top ten of search engine giants like Google, Bing, or Yahoo at an irresistible price. These companies would even pile up heaps of “proofs” in the form of charts and studies to support their claims.

However, it is important to remember that working your way up the higher ranks does not happen overnight. And it almost always never happens when you get swooped up in a seemingly amazing cheap deal promising fast results.

No matter how appealing the marketing propaganda may seem, every smart internet marketer should learn to be cautious with these marketing hypes. You would not want to spend funds – no matter how affordable – on services that will get your website penalized in the long run. Getting your website de-indexed is the last thing you want to happen when you are looking for ways to introduce your products to a wider audience.

Why Cheap SEO is Not Always Trustworthy

The adage that quality comes at a price rings true when it comes to search engine optimization. It does not necessarily mean that you have to blow all your funds off to promote your website. Still, it is important to be discriminative when choosing strategies to up your website ranking.

Inexpensive SEO methods are known to rank websites quickly by utilizing blog networks, spams, and other manipulative link schemes. These links or sources can be acquired without much effort. These cheap rates do not meet the expense of a link building service with good quality. Link building is elaborate, complex and time-consuming thus the good quality ones tend to be more costly.

The big names in search engines like Google and Yahoo constantly develop their service to detect and catch websites which have questionable rise in ranking. These prominent search engines display only the most credible and legitimate results because showing low quality websites and spams would result to unsatisfactory user experience.

In an effort to retain credibility and the loyalty of regular users, Google, Yahoo as well as other search engines constantly hone devices and tactics to root out questionable SEO strategies such as artificial links and spams. Programmers and software engineers for these search engines persistently tweak and fix their algorithms for ranking to spot spams and de-index or demote the websites in question.

Google even has a means that allows users to report websites with suspicious activities like spams and other questionable SEO strategies. Years of experience in detecting dubious online activities have made search engines more vigilant as ever. Thus, if the backlinks connecting to your website are identified as coming from distrustful sources, your entire website may be at risk of being banned.

Why Promoting Your Website Gradually May Be the Best Option

Do away with fast and cheap and build your website gradually at a reasonable price. There are dozens of ways to build your website such as buying web traffic of good quality and improving your website itself.

Whether you buy PPC traffic or adult traffic, there are many other sources available in the market that you can tweak to your favour.

Experts know that building your website takes time, trial, error and a lot of learning. It is through this gradual and natural process that you learn what works and what doesn’t to increase website traffic. Only then can you upsurge your rank until you see your website in the first page of Google.

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