Most Powerful and Effective Auto Brand Campaigns

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Auto brands are always connected with luxury and slick which show in their promotional campaigns whether in television or social media. The car industry is one of the niches that maximize the use of social channels and digital advertisements to launch or introduce their products and draw in traffic to their websites. Auto brands are most known to produce sophisticated, technologically advanced and the most immersive marketing campaigns in the virtual world today.

In the previous years, car brands give lesser attention and emphasis on the use of the Internet-based social setting. Nowadays, car companies realize how important and lucrative it will be if they make that dramatic switch and optimize their websites to boost the marketability of their new models and products. There are top auto brands in today’s industry creating high quality campaigns and maximizing the power of social channels as effective advertising tools for guaranteed costless traffic and sales conversion.


Famous Auto Brands with Successful Online Ads

Here is a list of some of the top auto brands in today’s auto industry which have successfully utilized and maximized the power and influence of widespread social networking sites and social media:

  • Citroen’s C1 Connexion – The best feature of this auto brand which drew tons of consumers and followers to their site is the fact that they could actually design the next car from the company. The Facebook campaign of Citroen’s C1 Connexion has a campaign tag “You Liked it, We’ve Made It!” which introduced the newest C1 Connexion based on the 24,000 configuration submissions from fans around the world. The company took pride in calling their newest model “the world’s first ever crowd-sourced automobile.”
  • Improve-tastic Road Show by Nissan – This amazing auto marketing campaign from Nissan showcases a sexy yet fun humor. The automaker forged a partnership with Second City in creating a crowd-sourced content for their newest “Improv-tastic Road Show.” Fans are asked to share their preferred musical genre along with the most important stuffs they will bring on an adventurous road trip. The team then created 50 short and quickly made videos also highlighting the different virtues and characteristics of the newest Pathfinder. The video views totaled 150,000 while the Facebook fandom of Nissan ballooned.
  • Dodge Dart Registry – This is one of the most impressive innovations in the car industry where the simple concept solicited overflowing response from fans and site viewers. The ad says that if you can’t afford a car, you can have a crowd-funded 2013 Dodge Dart courtesy of your family and friends. Just like any other gift registry, people could register a new Dodge Dart instead of the usual stuffs such as a kitchen mixer or throw pillows. The automobile is also customized to the specifications of the ones who made the register where family members could certainly sponsor any parts of your vehicle. Once the fundraising goal is achieved, you can head to the car dealer for your brand new car, no sweat.
  • Ford Mustang High Up on Empire State Building – This is an amazing campaign for Ford which happened twice. The Operation Mustang of Ford placed the ’66 Mustang high up the Empire State Building done through disassembling the vehicle and putting it up again after each and every piece is elevator-lifted. This happened in 1965 and it happened again to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mustang. Social media went to frenzy with this wild stint of the proven and tested auto brand. See more info here.


Auto brand campaigns in social media successful launched and introduced new cars and models in a widespread scale producing more website traffic that highly converts to sale and revenue.


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