Pinterest – Amazing Tools to Convert Traffic into Sales

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One of the powerhouses in today’s online world is Pinterest. It is a go-to place if you want to ensure and drive your online sales to the roof. Pinterest is a social media platform utilized in 23 percent of the totality of social commerce today. Users of this site are growing bigger by the minute while spenders are becoming huge especially on follow-through shopping and purchase. Compared to other social networking sites, Pinterest has the most and biggest spenders giving marketers even huger incentives and drive to optimize their strategies and techniques for Pinterest campaigns.


Valuable Techniques to Boost Sales through Pinterest


Pinterest is undeniably a powerful e-commerce technique which could boost your sale through bringing in tons of web traffic. There are most important and efficient techniques to follow and utilize when you are aiming for guaranteed successful Pinterest marketing schemes:


  • Shoot the Benefits of Product Images


Earn the interest and excitement of users and potential buyers regarding your products and make them click on your link and purchase products in no time. How do you do this? Build demands through giving people an initial sneak peek of your upcoming products and collections. You can announce about your forthcoming launch through introducing certain images and pieces of your products in your connect. Make sure you also pinned products when they are on sale in order to enhance your sales during your product launching.


  • Launch Contests with Revenue Generating Results


You can conduct contests and give away prizes in order to drive traffic to your website and get participants to discovery your newest collection or items on sale. Make sure you use strategies that would prompt your users to navigate and explore your site for certain items you want to highlight. It is a rather rewarding venture where you get to earn traffic that could highly turn to sales and leads simply because the contestants have discovered something in your site they wouldn’t see if not for the competition.


  • Measure Results and Get Better Profits


There are various tools you can use and maximize in this particular quest. For instance, Pinterest has its own analytics tool to help you conduct a thorough and accurate analysis on the performance of the most popular pinners in the site. You can also see and determine the best contents that are directing traffic to your webpage. Take note of this and use it for future reference.  Most established websites also has their own analytics tools to monitor conversions as well as explore style trends which are useful to your site content. Finally, you can create easy to track and unique pins with clickable URLs or links directing back to particular items on your webpage.


  • Opt for Email Opt-Ins


It is essential to upgrade and optimize your website in order to have email opt-in features you can use to get the contact information and details of potential customers and leads. For instance, provide your pinners an opt-in email feature in order to get offers, updates and first-hand information regarding new promotions and specials. This will help you persuade and entice people to explore your website some more and achieve call to actions. Moreover, it is an effective way of improving your online traffic. Most email opt-in features do not really require pinners to submit or fill out a form however you can strategize a plan to persuade them to fill out those blanks.


Pinterest is by far one of the most effective and successful tools to convert traffic into sales. Maximize its many features and see how it can boost your business and brand visibility, sales and revenues.




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