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Tumblr is one of the most popular e-commerce technologies used in today’s ever growing world of virtual marketing. It has the uniqueness and the popularity derived from its efficiency to bring engaging content to all its readers. More and more virtual visitors are visiting Tumblr each and every day and spending longer time navigating the site for contents they are looking for and even creating their own accounts. The e-commerce industry will never be the same again with Tumblr live on the virtual mainstream.


Why Tumblr?

The site is currently loaded with over 72 billion posts and 164 million blogs and more and more are coming in every day. Tumblr is now currently used as a battle ground for different known brands in the industry especially for small and large-scale businesses. The site has stringent requirement especially in its campaigns that need a certain higher level of commitment compared to other social media sites. Thus, if you are looking for an efficient and viable campaign to boost and create free web site traffic, Tumblr is where you must go.


Brands in Tumblr

In Tumblr, the motto “content is king” is taken very seriously among those who are managing the site that’s why accounts in this social medium are screened and fully-loaded with rich content and features. The use of videos, images, infographics, blogs and many other marketing tools are integrated into one full-packed website to create a high quality webpage that would draw viable traffic to a business online.

Here are some of the most popular brands that leveraged their products and beat the competition through intensive Tumblr campaigns:


  1. Huffington Post

This news outlet with all-encompassing features stayed relevantly on the internet offering data and news from pop culture to world news. Huffington Post’s Tumblr account mainly focuses on sharing its rich and professionally written contents aiming to become a trending topic in today’s virtual world. The account contains what people are buzzing about and would most likely share in their own posts.


  1. Coca-Cola

The world’s longest running business and a staple in every home, Coca-Cola created its marketing-savvy Tumblr account in order to blend humorous GIFs with the product’s classic ads and photos in one. Thus, readers enjoy unique product images and shots while Coke also offered user-generated contents. The GIFs are then linked to other social channels through Tumblr’s connectivity options thus making the content accessible and shared to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook among others.


  1. Apple

Tumblr is undoubtedly an effective social channel for huge and worldwide known brands such as the Apple technologies. The company chose Tumblr for its product launches and media campaigns using video-focused platforms in order to produce strong traffic to the very Apple website. According to their post timeline, Apple created the isee5c campaign in Tumblr for the official launching of the iPhone 5 Color. The campaign features a humanized mobile device created with eye-catching hues and colors and sounds echoing the hobbies and passions of its target market and audience.


  1. Adidas Originals

The internationally renowned sports footwear in Tumblr offers readers a wide range of new collections and releases from the famous brand. Viewers scroll through and navigate the page to discover the latest and trendsetting products under the Adidas Logo. The brand uses the social channel to post its featured products, those on sale and with markdown prices and so much more.

Business owners around the world are seeing the practicality and efficiency of using Tumblr for their marketing campaigns. Having rich contents in your Tumblr page will undeniably magnetize remarkable traffic to your website with high potentials of conversion.



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