Web Traffic Statistics: Get to Know the Most Common Web Stats Tools and How You Can Use Them

%Fastest way to get traffic%Buy cheap trafficYou know you have the top website traffic if your visitors covert into customers or subscribers. If you are in the business of buying web traffic, then you know that getting thousands of page views is not a return of investment. Luckily, there are many tools and methods which make it possible for web masters to monitor the performance of the web traffic they purchase.

Monitoring and studying your web traffic stats will help you improve your website. It keeps you on the loop on which optimization methods to capitalize or which key phrases do not generate results. You can do all this and more if you have a web statistics program in place.

Here are the other benefits of using a website stats program:

  • Enables you to track the number of visitor you get every day, every week, every month and every year.
  • Enables you to monitor the traffic source by country of origin
  • Enables you to determine the search engine tools, browsers, and operating systems visitors use to locate your website
  • Enables you to trace external links coming to your website
  • Enables you to monitor the web pages which receives the most visitors
  • Enables you to point out the key word or phrases which bring more visitors to your website

If you want to get these highly useful features to improve the traffic to your website, check out these most commonly used Website Statistics Tools:

  1. Google Analytics

Some web hosts do not provide statistics for web masters to monitor their site hits. Fortunately, you can easily sign up to get your own Google Analytics account. This website statistics tracking tool allows you to monitor your site hits by just inserting the code into your web pages.

This widely used statistics program can trace the visitors’ country of origin, amount of visitors received by your web pages, and even the traffic sources utilized in locating your site.

  1. Stat Counter

Like Google Analytics, this free statistics counter can monitor the visits you get in your web pages by encrypting the Stat Counter code into your web pages’ HTML code.

Stat Counter even gives you the option to make your counter invisible or not. Visible Stat Counter gives visitor access to your website stats. This is helpful in establishing the credibility and proactivity of your website. People tend to trust websites which have more activity and users. Invisible Stat Counter makes the statistics accessible to the owner only.

  1. AW Stats

Another commonly used stats analysis tool is the AW Stats. This free web log device is included in most web hosting programs. This statistics analysis tool counts the amount of unique visitors of a website, number of hits, which pages are accessed, frequency of visits, and the bandwidth amount used in total.

Before you venture on a marketing campaign to increase your site traffic, take note of your current statistics first. By knowing the number of your present website hits, you would know what steps to take to increase your visitors.

Using these statistics tool will help you map out an effective marketing plan to make the most of the website visitors you buy. Having this means of analysis will serve as your website traffic estimator. Because you are working with generating numbers, you need devices to provide a concrete evidence to compare the number of hits you are getting and how you can go about improving these hits.

Spams, bots and other regulated software can drive traffic to your site. The difference a smart targeted visitors traffic makes is that your numbers go beyond page views into business revenues.

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