YouTube and Generating Web Site Leads to Your Business

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Google has recently acquired YouTube and the benefits of incorporating video contents to your site have likewise skyrocketed. Small and large businesses alike are gaining the privileges of using YouTube especially in increasing web leads and traffic that may potentially convert to sale and revenues. Websites which have videos have heavy weights in the search engine algorithm of Google compared to those that do not have any. Marketers and business owners are therefore using video contents in their websites in order to boost their search ranking particularly in Google. In the social media world, many companies are already utilizing maps, blogs, images and videos in their posts and profile.


YouTube Videos Could Go Viral

Creating videos and posting them on YouTube could certainly boost your website’s popularity and visibility especially if your video goes viral. This remarkable trend in the video posting niche has made significant changes to companies or individuals. Text-only types of posts in social media get lesser views and could easily get shoved to the virtual shelves in no time whereas YouTube videos could be viewed over and over again. According to experts, videos derived from YouTube which are basically posted or embedded to your website have reduced bandwidth. This means that customers or viewers visiting your website could download the video much faster.


Simple Tips to Maximize YouTube Videos for Traffic Generation

The very reason why you embed and take advantage of YouTube videos in your website is to create high quality web site traffic that will potentially convert to sale and profits. Maximize YouTube videos in your website to achieve your goals and objectives for your online business:

  • Compelling Quality Videos – This is undoubtedly one of the foolproof and surest ways to maximize the use of YouTube videos in your site to produce more leads and sales. Viral videos which generated millions of views from YouTube users across the continents are well-created and content-rich videos. It helps to create contents in your video which efficiently address the needs of your audiences. Some of the video themes that are compelling include how-to, FAQ and Q&A contents, among others.
  • Accessible Videos – Good quality videos are those which are easily accessed and findable whether in and outside YouTube. There are several methods utilized in order to boost the find-ability or accessibility of your video. First, make sure you use titles with targeted keywords or those which most viewers are looking for. Create good descriptions such as containing the full URL or link of your business with keyword-rich contents.
  • Optimize with YouTube Ads – Most experts consider this the “last frontier” of Internet advertising. Just like search engines, you can bid on keywords which directly puts your video in the top spot when viewers use search queries. What happens is that when users search for your keyword, they will find a video or a thumbnail of that particular video leading directly to your site.
  • User Other Social Media Platforms – You can leverage other platforms of social media in order to maximize your video visibility. For instance, you can post your YouTube video on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook to reach a much diverse and wider audience. You can submit your video to other social media platforms such as Twitter and StumbleUpon or blog it using keyword-rich content and titles.

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools in today’s social networking realm. Online businesses will definitely get the boost they need especially on how to achieve free website traffic. All you have to do is know the fundamentals of YouTube in order to determine the techniques in maximizing the site to your advantage.


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